In every aspect of our company, we try to go above-and-beyond – whether it’s helping patients recover from pain or injury, creating a place where employees can flourish, or giving back to our communities. And we look forward to getting to know you soon.

  • We completely understand that Physiotherapy can initially seem intimidating. You’re in pain and you’re not sure what to expect. Don’t worry – it’s not as scary as you might think. And we’ve made preparing for your first visit a breeze with our New Patient Kit to help put your mind at ease.

    • How long will my first visit be?

      You can expect to be at the office from 45 minutes on your first visit. You will undergo a comprehensive evaluation so we can establish an appropriate treatment plan. Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your appointment to discuss insurance and billing procedures with our front office staff and complete your new patient paperwork.

      How long will my regular appointments be?

      Depending on the type of treatment you have been referred for, your regular appointments will last from 30 to 45 minutes.

      How often will I have therapy sessions?

      A treatment program typically consists of One to Two sessions per week. The more often we can work with you, the quicker we can help you recover.

      How do I schedule follow-up appointments?

      Appointments are made with the physiotherapist. You should check in and out with them at each visit.

      Who will be involved in my physiotherapy?

      Physiotherapy services are directed by State registered physiotherapists. 

      Will I always have the same therapist?

      It is our policy to schedule you with the same team of therapists for each of your visits to our center. Occasionally, substitutions must be made because of staff vacation, illness, or participation in continuing education courses.

      Will my insurance cover the costs of my treatment?

      Physiotherapy benefits will be verified prior to your first appointment.  Our Patient Account Representatives are ready to answer any of your billing and insurance questions.

      What should I do if I am unable to make my appointment?

      In order to accommodate each patient’s schedule, reserving time slots for treatments is very important to operate our facilities efficiently. Canceling an appointment at the last minute or failing to come in for a session limits our ability to meet the scheduling needs of our other patients. Therefore, we request that all cancellations be made at least 24 hours in advance of an appointment. A cancellation fee may be charged for cancellations with less than 24-hour notice.

      Will my doctor be kept updated on my treatments and progress?

      A copy of your initial evaluation will be sent to your referring physician, along with regular progress notes to keep your physician updated on your progress and current functional status. Communication with all parties is an important component of your treatment program.

      What will happen when I am discharged?

      Upon discharge, you will be adequately prepared to leave physiotherapy, and your home exercise program will be updated accordingly. You may contact your physiotherapist anytime with questions or concerns.


    • Since we’ll be stretching and exercising you, we highly recommend you bring comfortable, unrestrictive clothing or athletic wear to all your treatments. Your clothes should allow us to evaluate your area of injury, so please dress accordingly. As for footwear, we suggest comfortable, closed-toe shoes – trainers would be perfect. We’d also recommend against any type of heel. If you have any questions, please contact us prior to your first appointment.

    • When you head out the door for your first appointment, there are a few items we ask you bring along – your insurance card as well as your driver’s license or photo ID. Also, if you were referred to us by a physician, please remember your prescription.

      No one likes filling out form after form at a doctor’s office. So why not finish them ahead of time? Print these documents out, then either bring the completed forms with you to your first appointment, or simply fax them to our office.

    • “Am I covered?” That’s a question we get a lot. In almost every case, we can proudly answer, “You bet.”  You Should call and obtain authorisation and verify your coverage from you health Insurer before your first visit – so there won’t be any surprises once you start your recovery program.

      Did you know that you can be evaluated and treated by a licensed Physiotherapist without a referral/ prescription from your Doctor? This is referred to as Direct Access. Many insurance plans pay for services under Direct Access, does yours? You call your Insurance Specialists and they will verify your coverage and review your options with you. 


      How would you rate your experience with us, Good, Excellent, Room for improvement, Either way, we’d like to hear about it. Only with your help can we make Physio 4 Performance Ltd the best it can be. So thank you.


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