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Life cycle of the amoeba 

First 3 are about the way we receive energy

Last 3 phases, the different ways we distribute energy through our being.  Automatic reflex and adrenalin surge for survival, constant warm pulse of circulation aids and protects the layers of our beings, and the controlled release and distribution of our reserves which occurs when we decide on a particular cause of action

1.     Making a border- defining who we are forming inner border with the environment  “this is how I am” – meridian pathway separates red and white skin.

i.     LU intake of qi

ii.     LI elimination,

2.     Satisfying needs- once a self is established, needs arise.  Obtaining nourishment and digestion,  can be anything we perceive will nourish us

i.     ST – yang – perception of need, moving towards to satisfy Appetite factor, meridian pathway going through nose, eyes, ears, mouth, esophagus, seeking food

ii.     SP – yin function of drawing in and folding it and breaking it down to usable form.

3.     Assimilating and integrating nourishment- assimilation into the central core, the digested stuff from SP is brought to HT

i.     SI- absorbs nutrients and assimilates in order maintain presence, awareness, and function in the world. (now thing is no longer on the outside of your body)

ii.     HT – central control at the core of each being.  HT integrates them into form and function.  the HT cannot assimilate what has not been broken down and processed (HT cannot assimilate GU qi, needs qing qi to make zhong qi)  HT as center of identity. HT integrates it into the

-Meridian pathway is inside, close to the central core

4.     flight from danger-perceived in the back.  – we turn our back and our back pushes (rather than being pulled towards nourishment)  PURIFICATION AND IMPETUS (fright),  (the impetus that saves our back) Automatic reflex and adrenalin surge for survival,

i.     KD yang and source qi YUAN qi provide impetus for all actions, functions, and metabolic processes  (including moving towards nourishment)  if impetus fails or slows down all body functions slow down leading to stagnation and residue build up.  KD provide impetus which purifies by maintaining flow and movement (WATER)

ii.     UB moderates flight reaction.  KD are on or off, when a pulse elimination- disharmony.

5.     Circulation and protection – STRESS- struggle to adapt, environment, temperature, pollutants, protecting our emotional space (the constant protection and adaptation for different layers of being) We need social and emotional mechanisms which can both extend the influence of the core self and withdraw it for greater protection when necessary.

Constant warm pulse of circulation aids and protects the layers of our beings

i.     PC  -covering of the nucleus, a lining to protect the emotional core.  Heart protection,

ii.     SJ- cell wall- protects the surface from the hazards of the environment including the influence of other personalities.

Meridian pathway significance: Hugging and embracing, surface and lining. –Enclosed protected posture, in an embrace with anther the partner provides their SJ as the outer layer so the person being embraced ones doesn’t need to be as active.   (Overly active massage ex)

6.     Choice of direction,  -to decide when to store energy and when to release the nutrients for action  I have options, I’m mobilizing my energy towards action.  Storage and distribution—The primal energy to live and grow, very difficult to destroy the controlled release and distribution of our reserves which occurs when we decide on a particular cause of action

i.     LV planning  (growth)- our sensitivity towards others.  Being in a community.  Group connection, growing plants- long-term strategy as in a general.

ii.     GB decision-making -turning in the direction we want to go in.  – Making moment to moment decisions as an officer in the field

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